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Have You And Others Been Defrauded By a Business, and You Believe You May Have a Class Actin Lawsuit?

Surprisingly and quite often, large companies obtain sizeable windfalls by defrauding large groups of consumers out of small sums of money. Whether its by unlawful surcharges, by deceptive business acts or false product advertising, these large companies often profit for years because individual consumers are unwilling to fight a legal battle to recover the small sums of money of which they have been defrauded.

Class action lawsuits allow groups of people (classes) that were all harmed in the same manner by the same company to get together and aggregate their claims in a single lawsuit brought by a class action lawyer representing the entire class. Class action lawsuits are often the only economically viable way to provide legal representation for clients with relatively small claims against large multimillion dollar companies.

Don’t let them get away with it. Sometimes the only way to stop businesses from engaging in deceptive or fraudulent acts is to hit them where it counts – their wallet.

Before agreeing to accept a possible class action case, we must carefully estimate the potential for success by evaluating the facts, the viability of the legal claims, likely defenses, and other issues. If we agree to bring a class action lawsuit on your behalf, we most likely will represent you and the class on a contingency basis, i.e. you pay us nothing up front, and we will recoup our attorney’s fees from the defendant company, or we will take a percentage of the recovery as attorney’s fees. This makes it extremely cost-effective to be a class action plaintiff, as it will cost you nothing to get started. 

If you feel you may have a claim that would qualify as a class action lawsuit, please contact us today so that we can begin an evaluation of your case.


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