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Credit Card Lawsuits

Sued in Nassau County or Suffolk County? Here Are Some Must-Have Resources

Nassau County Residents If you reside in Nassau County, and the debt you allegedly owe is $15,000 or less, your creditor will likely file a lawsuit in the Nassau County District Court, located at 99 Main Street in Hempstead, New York. Records of Nassau County District Court lawsuits are available online, so if you are not sure whether you have…
Credit Card Lawsuits

Help, I’m Being Sued! Now What?

Being sued? In order for a creditor to sue you, they must do certain things in a certain order. If the alleged debt is based on an account of some sort, such as a credit card account, they must send you a statement of the account. They must then make a demand for payment from you in writing. The creditor…

About the Murtha Law Group

Over 35 Combined Years in the Credit Industry

We are Long Island’s most dedicated debt defense litigators, with over 35 combined years in the credit industry. From litigating cases in state & federal courts, to presenting lectures & classes, to our free debt defense articles, we take the time to educate as many consumers as we can about their rights & the steps they can take to protect themselves and their assets against debt collectors.


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