Here’s What You Can Do To

Get Debt Collectors to Stop Calling You.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) gives you the right to force a debt collector to stop communicating with you.

You can send a written request to stop all communications with you (commonly referred to as a “cease and desist letter“). Upon receipt, the debt collector must stop communicating with you except only to tell you it is ending all communications, or to alert you that it has filed a lawsuit against you for the debt.

At the Murtha Law Group LLC, we protect the rights of Long Island New York consumers from debt collectors. We offer free information for Long Island creditors to learn more about their rights.

Why the WORST Thing You Can Do is Ignore a Lawsuit

Sample Cease & Desist Letters

Sample Debt Verification Requests

Earn $1,000 for Each Incidence of Debt Collector Harassment 

Sued by CACH LLC?

Here’s an overview of the process when you are sued for a debt in Nassau County or Suffok County, New York, and the steps you must take right now. 

Harassed by CACH LLC?

If a debt collector is contacting you, learn your rights. How to stop debt collector harassment, the process for vacating default judgments & more.

More About CACH LLC

CACV, aka Collect America, aka SquareTwo Financial, aka CACH, LLC is located at 4500 Cherry Creek Drive S, Ste. #700, in Denver, Colorado, and has a telephone number of 877-304-0146. CACH LLC is a leading purchaser of past-due consumer financial obligations. It purchases past-due accounts from consumer credit issuers of all sizes. Once CACH LLC purchases past-due consumer accounts, it typically sends consumers collection notices, has debt collectors make telephone calls, and even hires local debt collection law firms to file lawsuits in Suffolk County or Nassau County (the county of the residence of the consumer). 

 The above information about CACH LLC is derived from several online sources, both official and private, including their own website and those of others. For that reason, while we believe the above information to be true and current, we cannot guarantee its accuracy.