Can a debt collector call my employer or my neighbors?

     If a debt collector is calling you and asking to speak with you at work, you can tell them to stop calling you there. If they continue to call, they are in violation of the FDCPA, and you may be entitled to collect damages.

     A debt collector is only allowed to speak with your employer, your co-workers, or your neighbors under limited circumstances to inquire about location information for you (if they do not know where you live or do not know your phone number). It is extremely unusual for a debt collector to know where someone works, but not know where they live or have other contact information for them, so if a debt collector speaks with anyone at your work or your neighbors, it is almost always a violation. In addition, under no circumstances are debt collectors allowed to mention that you owe a debt or give any indication that they are a debt collector. If they do, they are violating your rights. Click here to learn more.

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